Motul at Autopromotec: from the virtual to reality

The French company specialising in lubricants for engines returns to Autopromotec to present the Concept Garage and its products for cars and industrial vehicles. The new MotulEVO oil exchange machine and the new-look website also showcased. Bringing the real and the virtual worlds together, Motul explores new forms of communication thanks to two Virtual Reality stations and three touchscreens


Motul will be participating at the 2017 edition of the most important show dedicated to the international automotive aftermarket business with a stand covering over 140 m2, confirming the leading role it also plays in the automobile sector. From 24 to 28 May the French company will be in Bologna (pavilion 30, stand C42) to speak to the world of mechanics and spare parts dealers and to present its most recent products and services, all of which contextualised in the new Concept Garage, a visual illustration of the Motul “world” indicating the sectors in which the company is present. Motorbike and car workshops, as well as those dedicated to motorsports and vintage vehicles, will therefore have a clear and unequivocal visual summary of the Motul values most closely associated with each segment. With the Concept Garage, Motul combines images and text in a single format in order to make the centres of excellence, where end customers can get Motul products, services and assistance, immediately recognisable also graphically. Places where they will also be able to experience the values that have been synonymous with the brand since 1853: Brilliance, Passion, Consistency, Specialisation, Authenticity and Top Quality.

Lots of space at the stand will be given over to the automatic gearbox maintenance programme MotulEVO, which comes to Bologna with a new machine for cleaning transmission systems. With an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface, MotulEVO now includes a tablet connected to the internet for the real time downloading of the maintenance protocols for all types of automatic gearboxes in all car models in circulation. MotulEVO is a business programme designed to maintain the perfect efficiency of automatic gearboxes while providing spare parts dealers and workshops with a business tool that can also drive customer loyalty.

The virtual world is closely connected with the real world at the Motul exhibition space at Autopromotec. As well as the tablet with internet connection integrated in the MotulEVO oil exchange machine, the stand also has two Virtual Reality stations and three 55” touchscreens. At the Virtual Reality stations visitors can enter a Concept Garage and get acquainted with the Motul range of lubricants as well as carry out maintenance operations on an automatic gearbox using the MotulEVO oil exchange machine.

There will be three touchscreens at the stand on which visitors can watch the “journey of the fluids” inside the car and browse the new Motul website ( and in particular the “oil selector” section which, thanks to a constantly updated database, enables you to view the most suitable lubricants and complementary products for every type of motor vehicle free of charge.

The show will continue with the presentation of the ranges of lubricant products dedicated to hybrid vehicles, for which Motul proposes four products: SAE 0W12, SAE 0W8, SAE 0W16 and SAE 0W20. These lubricants are made using 100% synthetic technology and have very low viscosity, contributing to fuel savings and improving cold starts. Also present will be the specific range for heavy duty transport, for which Motul proposes three different engine technologies: mineral, Technosynthese® and 100% synthetic. Of particular interest is the range of products low in SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur), which use both 100% synthetic technology and Technosynthese® technology. The Tekma Ultima + range proposes the 100% synthetic 5W30 and 10W40, while the Technosynthese® semi-synthetic lubricants are Tekma Mega X LA 10W40 and Tekma Futura + 10W30 and 10W40. These oils are designed for direct injection Diesel turbo engines that comply with the Euro II, III, IV, V and VI anti-pollution regulations and are fitted with EGR and SCR systems, and are for use in extreme weather or load conditions. The range of products for automobiles concludes with the Motul 300V dedicated to motor racing. This specialist product is chosen by leading teams competing in the main international competitions, such as the World Endurance Championship, WorldSBK and Dakar, where Motul is also “Official Lubricant Partner”.